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Our Story

As a curvy, 5’ 10’’ woman of colour, finding the right shapewear has been a daunting task for years. It is a search that has left me feeling underwhelmed and the frustration of not finding the right fit in the right skin-tone has proven unending not just for me, but the story resonates with many. A seemingly saturated market but one with limited options that fails to embrace the beautiful variety of dark skin-tones.

The Dream 

I felt our struggles, even in underwear can best be told and addressed by us. Therefore, my flair for problem solving and my desire for high quality, excellent fit and shade all became the materials that stitched Ojiioma into reality. Pronounced O-jee-or-ma meaning Beautiful Black in the language of the Igbo, our brand and prodcuts names are inspired by the heritage of our founder, who hails from the South Eastern part of Nigeria. We have developed the answer to shapewear for every woman of colour.



The Reality

We have used the finest, high quality materials for smoothness, elasticity, and durability, thereby removing the swish-like sound made when walking. No more worrying about noise from your thighs as you walk. Our shorts and bodysuit have an open-gusset and fit well in the crotch-area making it inclusive for both average as well as tall women. The mid-thigh divide, visible when wearing fitted dresses, is now a worry of the past. With our shapewear, you are the attraction not the distraction. Our aim is to do the basics brilliantly!

Our shapewear offers comfort, hold and shade that flawlessly flatter brown and black skin-tones; a needed combination that cannot be over-emphasised. Ojiioma products have been specially designed to contour but not constrict. We have eliminated the curse of the “roll-down” which removes the need to adjust your shapewear intermittently.


Every black and brown woman is unique; therefore, we have tested the full range of our products on real women, with their feedback affirming that we see them! We are breaking the mold and saying: the colour black and brown is not a one-colour-fits-all shade. Whatever your skin-tone or size, with Ojiioma your uniqueness is celebrated. This is our mission!


Just Some of Our Happy Customers


I usually don' wear shapewear but needed one for a dress I wanted to wear for a night out. My friend told me about Ojiioma and I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be a good recommendation. I bought the bodysuit and I soon as I wore it, it felt so comfortable and so easy to wear. On my night out, the open gusset proved handy during the dash to the ladies. Definitely recommend!


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