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Ojiioma – Beautiful Black!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

When the journey to start Ojiioma began, many things crossed my mind. What would it be called? How do I compete in a saturated market with already known brands? Where would I find a manufacturer willing to produce my requirements? So many things I saw as impediments, but I chose to ‘do it afraid’. The Covid-19 lockdown, that disrupted and caused so much sorrow, became the fertilizer that grew the seed. I looked inward and drew from my faith and heritage. My faith – prayer and confidence that ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ My heritage – Igbo from the Southeast of Nigeria gave me the name Ojiioma meaning Beautiful Black!

I found a manufacturer from the country known for quality – Italy. The voice of fear was silenced regarding competing with known brands as I realised these brands started small and probably had all these questions.

As a wearer of shapewear, my focus was to improve all the issues other brands I had worn failed to address; skin tone, contour not constrict by restricting airflow, fit well in the crotch area for tall women, easy to wear – no struggling and sweating, removing the sound made when the thighs rub, the dreaded roll-down that divides the stomach and makes one continually adjust the shapewear, and stopping in the middle of the thigh which shows when you wear clothes. Believe me, the struggle is real.

I believe all women, regardless of complexion, are naturally beautiful. Acknowledging this rare beauty we possess, is sometimes not celebrated enough especially for melanated women. I have hailed this beauty by naming the products in my native language Igbo, which I feel reveals The Creator’s thought in molding a woman. Oluchi in Igbo means ‘work of God’, Uche means ‘thought of God’ and Uju connotes ‘Worth’

For a long time, women-of-colour have not had a variety of brands to choose from. Therefore, I have ‘thrown my hat into the ring’ and provided solutions to our desires and designed shapewear for all melanated queens. I feel excited about it as black-owned brands continue to see steady but considerable growth.

Our priority is to provide comfort. Therefore, our shapewear is made with seamless contour, which gives a firm and even body shape. It also comes with a temperature-regulating technology that gently hugs and makes you feel toned instantly with the compression technology giving a streamlined figure. Our sizes range from Small to 3XL to ensure we remain inclusive for all.

We are so thrilled you are joining us on this journey and hope we become your preferred brand!

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”Maya Angelou

Imela (Thank you)


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