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Silence The Inner Critic: The Power Is In Your Mouth!

How do you speak to yourself?

You may not know it, but these little pep talks we have with ourselves have the power to reshape how we see ourselves, boost our self-love, and pretty much make us feel like the queens we are. So, if you're on a mission to boost your self-esteem and sprinkle some extra confidence into your life, keep reading – positive affirmations might just be your new best friend!

Speaking positive words to ourselves works wonders in rewiring our thoughts. And that inner critic that makes us feel less about ourselves? It starts to become quieter, so that we can finally hear the awesome voice that says, "Hey, you're amazing, just the way you are!"

When you look in the mirror, instead of zooming in on things you wish were different, you say to yourself, "I'm strong, I'm beautiful, and I've got this." When you do that, you’re planting seeds of confidence that'll blossom throughout your life.

And guess what? If you're all about that shapewear life, positive affirmations can totally level up your experience. Sure, shapewear might help you feel more put together on the outside, but when you pair it with positive affirmations, you're taking things to a whole new level.

To get the best out of affirmations, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  1. Get Personal: Target those areas where your inner critic likes to party. Whether it's about your body, your abilities, or your awesomeness, create affirmations that tackle your specific doubts.

  2. Speak the Now: Say your affirmations like they're already true. It's like giving yourself a confidence makeover in real-time.

  3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: Just like your favourite song on repeat, make affirmations a part of your daily groove. Whether it's while brushing your teeth or jamming in the car, keep those positive words coming.

  4. Own It: Believe in those affirmations like they're your go-to outfit. Embrace them with all your heart and let them work their magic.

  5. Action Time: Pair your affirmations with actions that back them up. If you're affirming your awesomeness, go out and conquer something that scares you – you've got this!

Positive affirmations aren’t just words, they are your gentle reminders that you're worthy and capable. With these gems, you're not just wearing confidence – you're owning it. So go ahead and speak those positive words!

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