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WIN: Ojiioma Shapewear

Be 1 of 7 lucky winners who receive an Ojiioma Bra or Shorts. Worth £18.99 and £34.99!

“It's super comfortable and feels very smooth on my skin. This is the closest to my skin colour that I've ever owned. Worth the buy.”
Oluwatobi - 

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Entries close 30/04/24 with winners announced by 01/05/24. Entrants must be 18 or older. For full terms and conditions, click here

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What makes Ojiioma different?

With colours based on the skin tones of real people, Ojiioma will remain your secret


Easily Forgotten
While our brand might not be easily forgotten, the soft, seamless material of our shapewear often is!

Comfort Focus
We believe in a maximum comfort all-day shapewear that smoothes but doesn't squeeze or restrict airflow 


Putting Ojiioma on or taking it off couldn’t be any easier regardless of the fit you choose


Fast Bathroom Breaks
The open gusset allows you to go without needing to spend up to 10 minutes taking your clothing off

No “Swish”
Material specially selected for silence while walking prevents anyone from knowing you’re wearing Ojiioma


Highest Quality Standard
A heavy-duty design created by Italian tailors and made in the EU guarantees your Ojiioma will last!


What Our Customers Are Saying

“It's super comfortable and feels very smooth on my skin. This is the closest to my skin colour that I've ever owned. Worth the buy.”
Oluwatobi, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our Creator's Mission...

Hello, I'm Obi, and I'm on a mission to create the world's best shapewear for Women owned by a Black woman!


I could never find shapewear that had the features I needed for all-day comfort that also matched my skin tone, so I decided to create what I’ve always been wanting.


The result is Ojiioma, a discreet shapewear that's perfectly suited for a full work day at the office, as foundation wear for the latest fashion trends you've been wanting to try, or in any other situation where you'd like a confidence boost WITHOUT experiencing discomfort or a struggle involved with putting your shapewear on or taking it off.


This April, we're giving away our Ojiioma bra or shorts to 7 lucky people!


If you'd like to enter the draw then click the button above and sign up on this page.


And if you're able, don't forget to come pay us a visit!


Warm regards,


Obi Lawanson

Owner of Ojiioma


P.S: My name is Nigerian if you were wondering!

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